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Great application of Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is an import composition in the modern industry nowadays with many features and utility.

So, the question is “Why CaCO3 is so marvelous”

Let’s find out!

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Calcium Carbonate is a chemical composition with the formula is CaCO3. Estimated that 5% the earth’s crust is one form of Calcium Carbonate, this composition is found as stone (limestone, chalky, marble, …) in everywhere in the world. It is the main composition in the shell of an oyster, snail,… and the main reason caused the hard water.

Calcium Carbonate has many applications in real life and in production due to its popular and cheap as the following:

1. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is mainly used in construction such as building stone, marble or main composition of cement or lime to be produced. The limestone powder usually has Magie Carbonate.

2. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is widely used in Paint industry, as Calcium Carbonate is a primary filler. The fine and pearl size distribution of Calcium Carbonate is effected to the whiteness and brighten of coating varnish. Moreover, Calcium Carbonate has the high brighten, the lower oil absorb, good dispersion and durable, the lower abrasion, stability of pH, increase environment anti-corrosion and product viscosity.

Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used in decorative paint as increase the paint optical and weight. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) can use up to 60% the contents in Paint production.


3. Application in Plastic industry

a. Ceiling/Frame/Plastic door:
Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used variety in hard PVC plastic and mostly apply in the production of pipe and ceiling. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is helping to increase the duration of the product, better dispersion of chemical, maximize the brightness and innovate the production. Therefore, Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is the indispensable resources.

b. PVC pipe and accessories:

Unpressure Polyolefin pipe and accessories:

Using Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) in Polyolefin pipe will create better hardness, innovate the production, saving time and cost, increase benefit in accessories.

Pressure PVC pipe:

This kind of pipe is used Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) lower content to create the pipe can stand the maximize level of pressure, best smoothly and impact resistance of the surface


c. Transmission line
In Polyolefin plastic cable, Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used to reduce the price, and used as the fire resistant composition (if combined with the right plastic and other additives).

d. Film:
Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is applied variety in the production of thin film and thick film, increase chemical property and improve production capacity. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is helping to save costs, increase the hardness and duration for a product filler.

e. Transpiration film:
Using Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) in the production of transpiration film through pinholes is more advantage related to the cleaning. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) provides the special characteristics of the film allow to transpire through pinholes.

g. Casting product:
The hardness & duration of the product will be increased to save costs when using Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) in the production of Casting.

4. Stone powder is added to a wide range of trade and do it yourself adhesives, sealants, and decorating fillers. Ceramic tile adhesives typically contain 70 to 80% limestone. It is also mixed with putty in setting stained glass windows, and as a resist to prevent glass from sticking to kiln shelves when firing glazes and paints at high temperature.

5. Water processing substance.
- Absorb the poison gas in the bottom of the pond such as NH3, H2S, CO2,… and acidic in water and reduce the density of heavy metal.
- Decompose seaweed, impurity in the pond, balance water environment, stabilize pH.
- Balance water colour, reduce foam, cleaning water, increase dissolve oxy (DO) in water.
- Limit germ & harmful bacterial in water, lighten germ in the pond, …

6. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is widely used medicinally as an inexpensive dietary calcium supplement or gastric antacid. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as an inert filler for tablets and other pharmaceuticals.

7. Stone powder is known as whiting, and is a common ingredient for many glazes in its white powdered form. When a glaze containing this material is fired in a kiln, the whiting calcium acts as a flux material in the glaze.

It is also called as chalk where Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) has traditionally been a major component of blackboard chalk. Modern manufactured chalk is mostly Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3), chalky powder or gypsum, hydrated Calcium sulfate CaSO4-2H2O

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